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FunSpot Lipno
Fishes play no golf, they rather watch the golfers playoff

Underwater world

Apart from you being able to play minigolf above the surface, to relax or to enjoy a delicious drink, American ice cream or a tasty hamburger, you and your offsprings will have the possibility to learn something from the realm of water plants and underwater animals typical for our alluvial plains and woods. A part of our areal is a system of exhibition ponds, into which you can look and familiarize yourself with the animals living in our rivers, ponds, pools or creeks.

The whole ecosystem of our water world is designed very unusually, meaning for the whole water complex to enchant and satisfy visitors not only from the aesthetic, but also from the educational side. In our botanical garden or our moorland we will offer you the possibility to get to know the world of exotic or domestic water-receptive plants. We will also familiarize you with the underwater world, in which we introduce fish typical for this location, predatory fish but also decorative koi carps.  Inhabitants of the water and underwater realm enhance the overall aesthetic impression from the whole areal and make your visit at our place unforgettable.

Fish that you find at our place :


Wels catfish

Common trout 

Koi carp

European perch