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FunSpot Lipno

About us

We are a company that deals with tourism and entertainment tourism, we love our work. Everything that revolves around entertainment attracts us. We love visiting amusement parks around the world, particularly in the US. The entertainment industry is there part of their life much more than in the Czech Republic.


Smiles on the faces of satisfied customers who leave full of new unforgottable experiences very inspired us after returning to the Czech Republic. We started thinking. Energy you feel in these places is the main driving gearing. One day we decided to fulfill our dream and build such a place in our country in southern Bohemia.

We were thinking of a concept. Than we decided that we do it in an entertaining and instructive form. We started to think, create and look for materials and step by step we approached our destination.

We want to offer something more than just an ordinary game of Adventure golf. We go further, so the main attraction is supplemented by holographic projection above the water, a large botanical garden, an interactive whiteboard, the visitor shall see the fascinating footage of the history of the village Lipno and construction of water reservoir and dam.


Inasmuch as the resort is located in the village Kobylnice ( in Czech language something like a equine village ), we decided to build the symbol of Funspotulipno  -  the Celtic goddess Epona. Her statue (five-meter iron horse, weighing 6 tons) dominates our complex.

We want to everyone feels comfortable in our complex. We built restaurant with terrace with seating above the water.