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FunSpot Lipno
Enjoying a good meal at our place is part of the game


Do you need to gather strength after playing Adventure golf or after walking in the Botanical garden? Are you hungry or thirsty? Or would you simply like to have quality coffee, good beer, Cola or a lemonade? Do not hesitate and take advantage of our large offer on refreshments!

We offer main dishes in form of American style quick dishes. Further you can choose from a large variety of sweets and goodies and the great American soft ice from Opocno with a variety of three flavors is not missing either. A rich selection on refrigerated and hot beverages is also at your disposal.

Part of the restaurant is a roomy terrace, which leans over the water surface full of decorative fish and water animals. The Restaurant with the terrace is self serving. All orders are made directly at the bar and you can take the food at the kitchen window.

The beautiful environment over the water surface, the sun, the burbling waterfall in the background in combination with great food creates an unique experience!  Enjoy it together with your family, colleagues or friends and we will be glad, if your first visit will not at the same time be the last.